Where To Have Breakfast In Seville: 17 Brutal Cafeterias & Bars - Sevilla Secreta

Where To Have Breakfast In Seville: 17 Brutal Cafeterias & Bars - Sevilla Secreta

16 Coffee Shops in Seville for a Great Breakfast

If you are looking for a delicious breakfast in Seville, we've got you covered. With so many coffee shops and bars in the city, it can be hard to find the perfect spot. But fear not, we've rounded up 16 coffee shops that are serious about starting the day and will satisfy any breakfast cravings you may have.

Casa Orzáez

Casa Orzáez offers breakfasts with tradition that are so refined or copious, you'll confuse them with lunch. Their toasts are a unique creation that will delight any palate. Besides, the restaurant is located at the riverside with a breathtaking view.

La Passión by Marta

La Passión by Marta is an emblem of haute patisserie that prepares each elaboration as if it were a work of art. You can combine your choice with a delicious specialty coffee in El Corte Inglés de Duque. They offer a refined sweet shop that bets on the product.

Placido y Grata

Placido y Grata promises a first-class coffee from NOMAD and other invited roasters. Its sourdough breads are made on which combinations such as ham, brie cheese, roasted mango and rosemary or classic options are offered. Bowls, a chapter on free-range eggs and the sweet section will not escape from the avid diner's eye either.

Domi Vélez

Domi Vélez is a French cafe that offers unique breakfast creations. They prepare homemade pastries and cakes, homemade toasts, healthy specialties and Domi Vélez proposals. Their club sandwich, made with turmeric poppyseed bread, is a must-try.

En la Espero te Esquina

Beyond its iconic and dyslexic name, En la Espero te Esquina is the mecca of infallible, forceful, and purely Sevillian bites. Tradition and popular prices meet in a busy place that leaves you with a good taste.

Er Tito

Er Tito is one of the best places to have a traditional breakfast in Seville at very reasonable prices.


Lalita is one of the best places to start the morning off right in the Nervión neighborhood. They offer an extensive menu of cakes, palm trees, sandwiches, mille-feuille, milkshakes, and seasonal sweets.


Parcería worships specialty coffee and offers copious toasts, cakes, waffles, and yogurt bowls to fall in love with.

Billy Brunch

Billy Brunch is a quiet redoubt next to the busy José Laguillo and is a reference for the quality of its service, elaborations, and coffee without sacrificing the location.

Gallito & Galleta

Gallito & Galleta is a promise of breakfasts and snacks in one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Seville. You can find all sweet and savory dishes, but we celebrate their waffles the most.


Colette is a coquettish French cafe in the heart of Seville that brings us a delicacy made up of different pieces of freshly baked bread accompanied by succulent butter, jams, tomato, or oil. You can even have breakfast in bed, thanks to their delivery service.

Tarta Home

Tarta Home dedicates its efforts to the brownies, cakes, muffins, croissants, filled doughnuts, or its cheeseketas—cheesecake lollipops. Up to 25 different flavors complete the cake menu, which can be customized if ordered 48 hours in advance.

Cookie Love Love Love

Cookie Love Love Love specializes in American cookies with crazy and addictive recipes that will seduce you from the moment you have your first bite. You can order online for pick up, order by Glovo, or taste their American sweets in all these premises in Seville.

El Comercio

El Comercio is synonymous with Seville's traditional breakfasts and churros with chocolate. The fame of their churros is more than justified and is the perfect option to combat the cold by dipping them in chocolate.

La Cacharrería

La Cacharrería offers different brunch assortments, classic and gourmet toasts, pancakes and bagels, pastries, and now also lunch service. A more than satisfying offer and an excellent location.


Purita brings an assortment of irresistible gochadas all day long—a complete concept of breakfast and lunch in Seville snacks, brunch, and vermouth.


Chök is a bakery that specializes in premium artisan pastries, cakes, and its iconic gourmet doughnuts. It is a perfect excuse to start the day with one of the sweetest breakfasts in Seville.

La Torrijada

La Torrijada offers versions of traditional Torrija for all tastes beyond the already old-fashioned seasonality of torrijas. Start your day with a very southern breakfast as a recipe.

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