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Ways to Repurpose Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Leftover cranberry sauce from holiday meals does not have to go to waste. Instead, repurpose it into delicious food and drink items. With its sweet and tart flavor, it pairs well with a variety of ingredients.

Sweet Breakfast Dishes

Cranberry sauce makes for a delicious topping on sweet breakfast pastries such as bagels and croissants. Add a layer to your oatmeal or mix it in with waffle batter for cranberry waffles.


Create an easy and tasty appetizer by topping buttery, toasted slices of French bread with cream cheese, fresh basil, and cranberry sauce. Use a mini muffin tin to make mini cranberry cup appetizers or cranberry bites.

Baked Goods

Add leftover cranberry sauce to your favorite baked goods recipes. It makes a delicious layering option for coffee cake and an excellent substitute for jam in thumbprint cookies.


There are many ways to add cranberry sauce to desserts. Use it as a mix-in for no-bake cranberry pie or add it to a cranberry trifle. Add it to ice cream or use it to make a cranberry cheesecake.

Cheese Pairings

Cranberry sauce pairs well with cheese. Use it as a topping for baked brie or mix it with cream cheese for a spread to use on bagels or waffles. Make it into a cranberry cheese ball with nuts, honey, and cinnamon as added ingredients.

Drink Mixers

Use whole fruit cranberry sauce for cocktails. Add a couple of tablespoons to mojitos, margaritas, and dark and stormy drinks. For an old-fashioned, swap out the Angostura bitters for cinnamon bitters.

Sauces and Glazes

Cranberry sauce works well as a sauce or glaze for meat. Use it as a topping for pulled pork or as a sweet-and-sour component in sweet and sour pork. Mix it with Dijon mustard or BBQ sauce for added flavor.

Salad Mix-ins and Dressings

Mix cranberry sauce with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a salad dressing. Add it to glazed carrots or to the halves of a butternut squash.

Leftover Creations

Combine your Thanksgiving leftovers into a Thanksgiving leftover casserole or make Thanksgiving leftover egg rolls. Create a cranberry sweet potato side dish or add it to a turkey salad.

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