From McDonald's to Starbucks the best fast food breakfast items ranked

From McDonald's to Starbucks the best fast food breakfast items ranked

Cookie Consent Recipe

If you want to give your website users the option to manage their cookie preferences, you can use the following recipe as a guide:


  • One consent management platform (CMP) software
  • A list of all cookies used by your website and their purposes
  • Clear and concise cookie policy for your website


  1. Integrate the CMP software into your website code.
  2. Provide a clear and concise cookie policy that explains what types of cookies your website uses, their purposes, and how users can manage their preferences.
  3. Add a banner or pop-up that informs users that your website uses cookies and provides options to manage their preferences.
  4. If users click 'Accept' or 'Allow all', cookies will be used for the necessary website operations. If users choose to 'Reject all', no cookies will be used. If users want to customise their preferences, they can click 'Manage privacy settings'.
  5. If users select 'Manage privacy settings', they should be redirected to a settings page where they can choose which types of cookies they want to allow or block. Users should also be able to change their preferences at any time.
  6. If you use third-party cookies, such as those provided by partners, you should provide information about these cookies and their purposes, and allow users to manage these preferences separately.

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