55 Father's Day Brunch Recipes To Start His Day Off Right

55 Father's Day Brunch Recipes To Start His Day Off Right

55 Father's Day Brunch Recipes to Spoil Your Dad

When Father's Day comes around, it's easy to get caught up in what you'll BBQ later that day than what you'll serve your dad for breakfast. This year, why not shake things up by spoiling your dad with a truly bomb morning spread? Brunch is the perfect meal to celebrate your dad with all his morning favorites (looking at you, powdered donuts and banana bread waffles).

Whether your dad is the breakfast in bed type, the kind of guy who wants fuel for the family afternoon bike ride, or someone who's not happy unless he's grilling in the backyard all day, we've got a brunch recipe for him. Well, for you… don't make him do all the cooking! Check out our list of 55 Father's Day recipes for all the brunch-ready ideas to really make his day.

Classics with a Twist

Does your dad always order the classics when you go out to breakfast? You can make them for him at home—try our eggs Benedict, steak & eggs, or chicken & waffles (we bet he'll think they're as good as at his favorite restaurant).

On-the-Go Breakfast

Is your dad the on-the-go-type, corralling the family into an outdoor activity for Father's Day? Make him something you can all enjoy as you run out the door, like our sabich sandwich or breakfast burritos.

Adventurous Eats

Is he an adventurous eater, always up to trying something new and different? Make him our breakfast monkey bread (particularly good for little monkeys… er, kids, to help with 😉) or our loco moco rice bowls. He'll go crazy for them!

Grilled Brunch

You could even make him brunch out on the grill—check out our maple chorizo breakfast hash or our cheesy breakfast burger.

Fun Twist on Classics

No matter who your dad is, you can't go wrong with pancakes or French toast—our lemon ricotta pancakes or jelly donut French toast are fun twists on the originals that will make him feel extra special.

Customizable Breakfast Tacos

Our favorite thing about breakfast tacos? They're completely customizable to whatever you and your dad want. We filled our tacos with chorizo, potatoes, and scrambled eggs before topping with cheddar, sliced avocado, green onions, pickled red onions, and (of course) a healthy drizzle of hot sauce.

Chocolate-Laced Banana Bread Waffles

Let us introduce you to our new breakfast obsession: chocolate-laced banana bread waffles. If the name alone doesn't convince you, then one bite will. This easy-to-make recipe combines everything you love about banana bread with the tender-yet-crisp texture that makes waffles so irresistible.

Unbeatable Combo: Fried Chicken and Waffles

Making fried chicken and waffles at the same time is quite a feat, and we think the best course of action is as follows: Get your chicken in a buttermilk brine, whip up your waffles, and pop 'em in a 200° oven to stay warm. THEN take out your chicken, bread, and fry. There you go! Perfectly timed brunch.

Stunning Fruit Tart

If you're one of the many who are stunned by the shiny fruit tarts in bakery windows, then this recipe is for you. Good news: It's surprisingly easy to make a stunning fruit tart right at home! Make it as the star of your Father's Day brunch, or as an easy, warm-weather treat to indulge in anytime.


How could you go wrong with a dish that's essentially crisped-up tortillas tossed in a brothy salsa? Rather than fried eggs (a traditional topping for chilaquiles), we skipped the extra skillet and baked them right into the dish, lending more of a breakfast casserole feel than a saucy chip concoction.

Loaded Breakfast Strata

If you're looking for the ultimate crowd-pleaser this Father's Day, this breakfast strata—loaded with Italian sausage, cheese, veggies, and bread—is it. It's hearty enough to keep everyone satisfied, and is just as great as breakfast-for-dinner as it is to start your day.

Baked Feta Eggs

Remember that baked feta pasta a la TikTok that took the world by storm? Well, now you can have it for breakfast! Introducing: feta baked eggs. There's no pasta involved, but white beans add a hearty creaminess, and a side of crusty bread or pita is highly encouraged. Think of this like a slightly spicy, super savory shakshuka.

Overnight French Toast

We've got three words for you that are going to change your breakfast and brunch game forever: Overnight. French. Toast. It's comically delicious, thanks to a long overnight soak in a heavy cream-infused custard, which transforms the sliced challah into a puddingy delight.

Everything Bagel Monkey Bread

Upgrade your cinnamon sugar pull-apart monkey bread, with all your favorite breakfast flavors, including everything bagel seasoning! Plus, it's made using refrigerated biscuit dough, so it comes together extra fast—you can have this on the table in just an hour from beginning to end.

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Hash browns are a true blue American breakfast staple, but frying spuds for a crowd can be a lot. Not so with this casserole! The bacon-y, cheesy bake is a cornerstone of the Cracker Barrel breakfast menu, and it's foolproof (and easy) if you're making it at home. Our recipe is extra-creamy and rich due to a generous amount of cheese, butter, and crispy bacon.

Shrimp and Grits

Not only does this amp up the texture of our dish, but cooking our shrimp in bacon fat adds heaps of flavor. The result is a rich and decadent brunch your dad will love.

Breakfast Sandwich

Chicken & waffles are the perfect encapsulation of the unbeatable combination of salty and sweet, but making and then sitting down to a whole plate can be a little daunting. Enter: this breakfast sandwich that's perfect for grabbing and going wherever Father's Day takes you.

Crispy Lemon Blueberry Bread

This bread is easy, the batter takes no time to make, but most importantly, it'll brighten your dad's day with its vibrant glaze. The all-natural color is unbelievable and really makes this lemon blueberry bread stand out, along with its delicious, punchy flavor.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Perfectly tart with a hint of sweetness, these are one of our absolute best pancake recipes. They're fluffier than the average stack, because you mix the wet and dry ingredients separately, which ensures that you don't overmix the batter. We promise it's worth the extra step.

Fairy Cakes (Powdered Donuts)

Put your black shirt away and get out your favorite apron—it's time for powdered donuts! To create this sweet treat, we kept it classic with a twist, adding yeast to a cake donut to give these fluffy rings the best of both worlds.

Easy Breakfast Burrito

Spending the day outside with your dad this Father's Day? You're going to need an easy on-the-go breakfast, like this breakfast burrito. There's no ONE right way to make a breakfast burrito, but if you follow our easy tips, you're guaranteed perfect results (hint, fry your potatoes in bacon fat).

Italian Sausage and Pepper Frittata

Breakfast meets dinner in this marinara- and mo

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