"Egg-cited for Spring? Crack into These Recipes - WBUR"

"Egg-cited for Spring? Crack into These Recipes - WBUR"

Listen Live More Recipe


A simple recipe for enhancing your news listening experience from WBUR Listen Live.


  • One Cup of Curiosity
  • Two Tablespoons of Open-Mindedness
  • A Pinch of Empathy
  • One Teaspoon of Critical Thinking
  • Seasoning of Appreciation
  • One Reliable Device with Internet Access


  1. Preheat your device by accessing your WBUR Listen Live stream.
  2. In a mixing bowl, stir together one cup of curiosity and two tablespoons of open-mindedness until thoroughly combined.
  3. Add a pinch of empathy and a teaspoon of critical thinking to the bowl, and mix until the ingredients are evenly dispersed.
  4. Serve the mixture by actively listening to the news stories on WBUR, adding a generous seasoning of appreciation to taste.
  5. Engage with the news by being present in the moment and taking time to reflect on the stories you hear.
  6. Enjoy your Listen Live More dish, and see how it helps you to better understand the world around you.

Originally Post From https://www.wbur.org/npr/1242884890/eggs-recipes-souffle-salad

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