Surprise Your Lady Love with These 6 Breakfast in Bed Ideas on Women's Day 2024

Surprise Your Lady Love with These 6 Breakfast in Bed Ideas on Women's Day 2024

Beginner-Friendly Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas for Women's Day 2024

Women's Day 2024 is just around the corner, and if you haven't planned to celebrate the one in your life yet, you're at the right place. Women around everyone have worked to cater to our every whims and wishes. Be it your mother who prepared your school tiffin, your sister who completed your holiday homework, or your partner who ensures that you're happy and well-fed. To honour women, Women's Day is celebrated all across the globe. If you're looking for sweet and humble gestures to pamper your partner this women's day, why don't you go ahead and serve breakfast in bed? Here are some of the most heart-warming dishes that are also easy to make, so you won't have to worry about it, even if you're a beginner. Go ahead, make them a hearty breakfast and surprise them with a hug.

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Be it Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or Women's Day, heart-shaped pancakes can make any day special. You can either get a pancake premix or take all-purpose flour, eggs, sugar, and milk to even out the consistency. Blend in the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and make a lump-free batter. Then, heat a non-stick pan and pour a spoonful of batter. Once the bottom layer is cooked, toss it around, and it's time to cut it into a heart. Decorate the plate with some honey or chocolate surprise, and you're ready to surprise your partner.

Healthy Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the perfect breakfast if you and your partner like light breakfast. They are easy and quick to make as well. So, to start, get a loaf of bread, some vegetables, and your favourite sauces. You get complete liberty while making the mixture of the sandwich. Choose your favourite sauces like barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, chilli sauce, etc and add chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet corn. Mix the ingredients together and put them in between two slices of bread, wait for the sandwich maker to do its job and serve the hot sandwiches with tomato ketchup.

Scrambled Eggs With Vegetables

For a healthy breakfast option, you can go for scrambled eggs. To make a protein-rich breakfast, take two eggs and whisk them with some milk and your go-to spices like salt, pepper, and red chilli powder. Set the eggs aside, chop up some vegetables like onions, tomatoes, and green chillies, and cook them. Next, add the eggs to the same pan and cook till you get soft scrambled eggs. Garnish with cilantro, and the bed-in-breakfast is ready to be presented.

Toast and Coffee

Some people are not morning people, and here's a little something for them. Who said you need to make a grand gesture? You can express your love to your lady this women's day with your all-time favourite toast and coffee. Take some slices of bread, toast them, add some jam and cut the bread into the shape of a heart. Then, brew a cup of coffee just the way your partner likes. Arrange everything in a tray and wish them a happy women's day.

Aloo Poori

If you are looking to cook an elaborate women's day breakfast or brunch, the traditional aloo poori will be the perfect fit. For the aloo sabzi, start by taking a tomato and onion puree, chopped potatoes, green chillies, and spices like salt, pepper, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, etc. Adjust the consistency by adding some water and let it cook in a pressure cooker. Simultaneously, deep fry the kneaded flour in a round shape to make poori. Pour the gravy into a bowl and arrange the pooris on a plate, and your classic breakfast is ready to be served.

Healthy Parfait

Parfait is another healthy option for breakfast. If you are a couple who likes to work out before going to work, it will also add up to be a nutritional breakfast. To make this French-special dish, take some glasses and add a layer of yoghurt as a base. Next, add a layer of granola and top it off with seasonal fruits like berries and grapes. Repeat the layers and garnish with honey. That's it; you're done with a healthy breakfast to pamper your partner this women's day.

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