Baker Brings Fine Dining to Newcastle with Greggs Benedict at Fenwick Bistro

Baker Brings Fine Dining to Newcastle with Greggs Benedict at Fenwick Bistro

Bistro Greggs: A Fine Dining Experience with a Geordie Twist

Fenwick's head chef, Mark Reid, has truly embraced the challenge of creating a Greggs-themed fine dining menu. The pop-up Parisian-inspired bistro located in Newcastle's historic Fenwick department store is called "Bistro Greggs", and it is open for just one month. Customers can expect an elevated menu featuring classic Greggs pastries in newly refined forms.

The Greggs Benedict

One standout dish is the Greggs Benedict. This breakfast specialty features rectangles of smoked ham, Cacklebean eggs laid by rare Arlington White hens, and a rich hollandaise sauce. It sits on a bed of Greggs sausage, bean, and cheese melt. The result? An unexpectedly delicious combination that has already created a buzz among customers.

The Menu

The menu also includes other mouth-watering dishes such as:

  • Steak bake served with truffled dauphinoise potatoes and almond-garnished green beans
  • Greggs sausage roll served with a piccalilli dressing, pickled carrots, and cauliflower and cucumber side dish
  • Caramel shortbread mess inspired by Eton Mess, with meringue and chantilly cream

The attention to detail in the pop-up bistro is impressive, with Fenwick green banquettes, Greggs blue cushions, and toile de Jouy wallpaper featuring images of the Angel of the North, the Tyne Bridge, and pigeons eyeing up a Greggs sausage roll.

The Experience

The atmosphere in the bistro is undeniably swish as dishes are served under silver cloches and in the background, a string quartet plays music. Despite this, the prices are reasonable, with the Greggs Benedict priced at £8.50.

The roots of this unique collaboration date back to 2018 when Greggs reflected its logo onto Fenwick's famous Christmas windows, generating a lot of publicity. This led to discussions about doing something fun and different and vibrant. The resulting Bistro Greggs is a perfect opportunity to showcase the culinary talents of Mark Reid and to bring together two iconic northern institutions.

The Recipe: Greggs-style Caramel Shortbread Mess


  • Shortbread biscuits (leftover from making other shortbread dishes)
  • Caster sugar
  • Whipping cream
  • Meringue nests


  1. Crush the shortbread biscuits into crumbs
  2. Mix the caster sugar into the whipping cream until it forms soft peaks
  3. Crumble meringue nests over the cream mixture and fold in
  4. Add the shortbread crumbs and fold gently to combine
  5. Serve in a glass bowl or sundae dish with a sprig of mint and a dusting of cocoa powder

Enjoy this delicious dessert with a twist of Greggs-style caramel sauce, always bringing surprise and delight.

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